Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fighting monotony

My dad tells me that we Sagittarius' are all the same in having to always have something new and exciting going on in our life's routine. Whether that pertains to my "sign" or not, I am my father's daughter and about every 4-6 weeks I have to try something new. In the past these new hobbies or adventures have included but not limited to...running races, geocaching, swimming laps, pilates, joining a gym, making crafts, trying new restaurants, exploring new hiking trails, cliff jumping...the list could go on and on. Besides the Lord keeping my mind peaceful and sane, I have to incorporate new things into my life to feel motivated about waking up for another day. In any relationship I have, whether it be with Jesus Christ, Josh, or my friends and family I have to infiltrate that relationship with "new-ness." What's so wonderful about the Lord is that "his mercies are new every day," also that his Word is alive and no matter how many times you read a verse, you can gather new things from it! Even in my job, God brings new opportunities into my life. One of the reasons I love being a Vet Tech is that you never know what you will be working with that day. Recently I have been able to branch off into new areas at work and it excites me and keeps me motivated to go to work each day. The Lord even brought me someone into my life that keeps me on my toes and who is as spontaneous and random as I am in this area. The Lord knows our desires and if we sincerely ask Him and trust in him He WILL give you the desires of your heart. 

My new activity I tried today was Yoga. After my run this afternoon I cleared a big area on our rug in our back patio. As technology provided I found some awesome apps with all the different yoga positions. If you have Android they're called Daily Yoga. I've always considered yoga to be for the more balanced meditating individuals. I recently watched a video on (best website known to this generation, FYI) of a lady performing yoga. It was so smooth and required so much strength! I decided that maybe I could do that, after some muscle building of course. I found that I really can do yoga and it is strangely relaxing! You feel like you can breath easier and like running, clears your mind. I'm looking forward to getting better at it and contorting my body into all kinds of strengthening awkard poses in the future lol.

Here are some goal poses that I will not even attempt until I am stronger and maybe even have a spotter haha


Kayla Garcia said...

So cool! I haven't done yoga in forever but I love it!

My Daughter's Mother said...

I could never do some of those with my wrists the way they are. I always loved Pilates though and have wanted to try yoga several times.